Whatever comes after “I AM” starts the creation process.

If you truly believe in what follows these two powerful words, then you are already shaping your life to follow. When they are negative words, then it is going to hurt your morale. If they are positive words, then they are going to give you strength and a boost of confidence.

The good thing about these two words is that you get to control the outcome. If you tell yourself that you are strong, you are powerful, and you are capable, then you have already taken the first step into creating a better life for yourself.

Having the physical power to do something and taking action is only half of the equation. The other half of the equation comes from believing in your power and strengths. In order to achieve your dreams, you must first believe in your dreams. You must have the confidence in yourself that you can actually achieve them. Without truly believing in your ability to achieve your dreams, you will never have the confidence needed to turn these dreams into a reality.

Of course everyone wants to live a life of happiness, but people struggle with this because they don’t know how. To live a happier life, you first need to understand what your values in life are. From there, you need to put your attention to your values, and you need to give yourself the reinforcements necessary to achieve these values. By saying “I AM,” you are confirming that you believe in yourself and that you can achieve anything. That is a reinforcement that will help you succeed. You are putting your thoughts, energy, and confidence into your values. When you combine all three of these, the combination is incredibly powerful.

The ultimate goal of life is to live a happiest and best life possible. By saying I AM, you are retraining your brain to recognize your true potential. Ignore what others think about you, and focus on what you think about yourself. Be the unique and amazing person that you are, never stop chasing your dreams, and never doubt your abilities. Doubt is only an emotion of being scared. Take risks, live your life, and be whoever and whatever you want to be. – Michael Bonnell

Karin Kelly Lawrenz