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The journey with Karin Kelly was liberating and transformational. She is an insightful, inspiring coach with tremendous vision. Karin led me to rediscover my inner sense of worth, pride and dignity. 

Valerie Jonathan

Frequently Asked

How long does the coaching process take?

Each coaching process is very individual, which means that there is no fixed rule to how long a coaching process usually takes.
In my personal experience I have found eight 60/90-minute sessions and at times even 3 depending on the circumstance sufficient.
However, practice shows, that six 90-minute sessions are usually enough to make a change. In some cases, the problem is solved within 3-4 sessions, in other cases it may take up to 10 meetings to see the success. It all depends on the individual and the requirements.

What is different in what you do to traditional life coaching?

Firstly, allow me to define my interpretation of life coaching. Life coaching is moving people toward success—a focus on the future—it moves people from idea to action—it is an ongoing relationship, between coach and client, which focuses the client on taking action toward the realisation of their goals or desired self. Life Coaching is a platform or vehicle for learning.

(note this includes the benefits of traditional coaching)

My approach is more than simply about you learning, growing and changing. It is about assisting you in taking a quantum leap forward in transforming your life on all levels—mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. As we explore your conscious and unconscious thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, patterns and programs, you get the opportunity to review, discard and/or upgrade the thoughts, feelings and emotions that have limited you, held you captive and sabotaged you.

This transformational change happens naturally at the core level of your being, automatically upgrading your internal operating system. This creates greater momentum for additional significant positive shifts in your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, choices, emotions and RESULTS. It also aligns and opens the pathway to your soul essence.

In simple terms, transformation coaching is focused on your self-actualisation, which still includes all the benefits of traditional coaching. However, it adds the benefits of diving deep into your operating system.

Are your coaching sessions in person, phone, remotely or all the above?

Majority, (80%) of my sessions, be it personal transformation or executive transformation, are done remotely via a medium convenient for the client (Zoom, Skype etc.)

I also offer in person consultations, which for a period of time I am based in Cape Town, South Africa. Office locations are in Vredehoek and Claremont.

How does payment work?

1. Payments are made prior to each appointment as confirmation.

2. Transaction receipt needs to be emailed to the coach or presented at the session if you are seeing me in person.

3. Online payment must be made before each session on this page. You can use a credit card or PayPal.

4. MasterCard Machine is available—Confirmed when making the appointment.
Cash – payment must be done at or before each session. This is also a preferred method.

5. You can receive an invoice for each session if required.

Do you offer payment plans on your packages?

Yes, I offer payment plans on my 3-month coaching package and VIP-Executive package.

3 Month Coaching Package
$2360 = $295 x 8 sessions
Split over 3 months.

1st payment $885, invoiced before you start (confirming package and sessions)
2nd payment $885, invoiced after 3rd session
3rd payment $590, invoiced at 6th session

Ultimate VIP Package
$7992 = $333 x 24 sessions
Split over 2 payments

1st payment $3996, invoiced confirming executive package
2nd payment $3996, invoiced 4th month into coaching package contract

Online Coaching Resources

Core Value eBook

Many a time core values comes up when I coach someone, and this short ebook now allows me to share the technique with you. Previously this process was only available if you were a client of mine, however I’ve seen so many breakthroughs using core values and I would like you to have the same experience.


“I wanted to change the world.  But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is ONESELF” – Aldous Huxley
S-Social Intelligence
P-Physical Intelligence
I-Intellectual Intelligence
S-Spiritual Intelligence
E-Emotional Intelligence

3 Month Coaching Package

Wanting to make a change and allow transformation to take place in your life, then this is for you.