This past week I had the privilege of going to Temenos Retreat in McGregor with two of my friends. McGregor and Temenos Retreat is known for it’s holistic healers and spiritual phenomena.

I had just lain my mother to rest two days prior and my body, mind and soul sought the healing and tranquillity. My soul and heart was filled by nature and the energy of the place.

The pace at McGregor is unhurried, tranquil and almost forces you to come down to “her”, being mother nature, earth and getting in touch with your inner-self, self-awareness, higher-self and just being totally present.

The first day I got there I could not stop taking pictures because my eyes could not keep up with the energy and beauty in everything that I saw and that all happened when I was walking from the car to register and on my way back to unpack. By the afternoon I had to step back, breath and go for a walk not focusing on my camera but taking in the highest vibration of pureness into my being and allowing it to heal and aligning me. I must be truthful and admit my camera was always close by.

I learnt a lot on this trip. One being that I’m not a city girl, connecting with my fire again, realising what my blocks are presently in obtaining my potential, my self beliefs in not been good enough. Yes, I too always have to work on myself! There was also a spiritual learning and growth.

I got in touch with “me” again and aligned accordingly knowing what I need to work on to move forward, that being self limiting beliefs. The outside world views coaches of any category, that we should be “perfect” and that we do not have to work on ourselves. Because we need our “s…t together” and need to have a high vibration energy. We continually need to work on ourselves and continue to grow everyday in every way on our journey just like you.

I feel great, I am an awesome human being and good things continually happen to me. #affirmation

I am going to share some photos with you, so when you are finished reading my article you are welcome to view a few photos.

Blessing to all.

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