Empaths are unique people, and they are different from everyone else in various ways. Even though they don’t like to admit it, they’re highly sensitive people. Therefore, if you are close to an empath, you should know some things.

All empaths have the following 12 traits, but they will try to hide them from you (and everyone), so you should be careful to read the signs.

  1. They Are Sensitive

An empath is a natural born healer. They feel as if they have to appear strong for those around them. Empaths hate being an inconvenience to others in any possible way. Therefore, they hide their emotions. They especially hide that they are incredibly hypersensitive.

  1. They Absorb Others’ Emotions

You may not notice it, but when you are having a down day, empaths are too. That’s because they absorb the feelings of others and they can literally sense other people’s pain to some extent. Still, you will rarely hear an empath talk about this. They do not want to sound crazy, as modern society would possibly label them as.

  1. They Are Introverted

Empaths value alone time. They’re so sensitive to the energies of others that the only peaceful state they can get is when they are on their own. They don’t want to seem and sound rude, so they are commonly extroverted introverts or introverts who partake in some extrovert activities now and then.

  1. They Become Replenished in Nature

If you believe that you have a friend who is an empath, you may take note that they love being outside. They often take any opportunity they can get to go walking in nature. They do that because nature can replenish them of positive energy.

  1. They Are Human Lie Detectors

Most empaths can read other people in various ways. They can easily see through a mask, revealing a person’s true intentions. They are excellent at detecting lies as well. If they catch you lying, they may not even say anything about it. They will just always remember it.

  1. Sometimes They Give Too Much

As empaths are natural born healers, they have a natural urge to help others. They very easily put themselves aside too much, and that can cause a lot of emotional trauma to them. If they ignore their own emotions for too long, they’ll all build up an overflow eventually. If you notice they’re doing a little too much for other people, it’s better to warn them of it.

  1. They Are Targets for Negative People

Empaths don’t tend to talk about themselves, but they’re well aware of the fact that they’re big red targets for negative people, such as manipulators. These kinds of people are attracted to empaths as they are very forgiving and understanding. A negative person will absorb all of the empath’s positivity and replace it with negativity. Therefore, empaths are always scared of the next one who plans to make a target out of them.

  1. They Are Highly Intuitive

Empaths are always in tune with their intuitive connectedness. They can make critical decisions merely based on their gut. They know how to tune in and feel what the universe is trying to tell them. Empaths pick up on more things than you would think.

  1. They Are Easily Stressed

Empaths tend to feel common emotions intensified as they are very easily overwhelmed and stressed. If they’re trying to tackle too many tasks at once, it can be extremely overwhelming for them. It may even take a toll on their health sometimes.

  1. They Are Easily Taken Advantage Of

Not trying to imply that empaths are naive or weak because they are actually intelligent and strong. Still, they are very understanding and have an extreme value of any human soul. Empaths can see the sunshine in any storm. That makes them easily taken advantage of by manipulative people because the latest know the right strings to pull.

  1. They Love Deeply

Empaths are incredibly loving people. They care about their loved ones and the world as a whole with a genuine passion. They always tend to love very deeply. Empaths have a deeply rooted appreciation for all people in their lives. They are the most loyal partners or the best friends you could ever ask for!

  1. They Are Creative

Empaths are plentiful in the art community. Musicians, painters, sculptors, actors, and writers are very good at feeling the emotions of other people. Many empaths are artists, even though they don’t like to brag about it. It’s through their crafts that they can express themselves emotionally. Their talent serves as an outlet to set free any emotions they have absorbed.