Money Secrets – Achieve your success.  Compliments to John Kehoe who wrote this article and a practice I use every day with myself.

I don’t profess to “get it right” all the time but catch myself very quickly everyday regarding my thoughts.  John’s course was intense, eye opening and I evolved and grew in my knowledge and within myself as a person also enabling me to bring this knowledge to the people around me like my children, connect better with my partner who had done some similar course years back and to my wonderful clients that come to me.  However foremost …. For myself!

Here is what he writes about “money secrets”

1.  You and no one else can achieve your success
You are the one that is called to think, plan and act in successful ways. When you commit yourself to self-mastery, you are demonstrating that you have the desire and willingness to do whatever is necessary in order to achieve your financial goals. This is important, for it sets you apart from others who are willing to simply wait and see whether success happens to them. The proactive person, on the other hand, creates success by the daily application of practices. Self-mastery involves an honest appraisal of both our mental and working habits so that we can see what needs to be changed and developed. When we commit to self-mastery we commit to changing our thinking and activities so that we maximize our abilities.

2. Work smart not hard
Do not confuse working long hours with working smart; the two are rarely the same. When you work too hard you are less effective, drained of energy. You rarely come up with the “brilliant” ideas that are so crucial to success when you are always working. Challenge yourself to work fewer hours but to be more effective. Your mantra should be, “I work smart not hard and I get lots done.” Make doing more in less time a habit and you’ll have more time for fun and leisure. Down time allows us to recharge and come up with innovative ideas.

3. Create prosperity beliefs
Your financial success will be directly related to the beliefs that you have about money. The number one reason that people don’t achieve financial success is that there is a part of them that feels uncomfortable with the idea of having a lot of money. If you think that it will take too much work to achieve success, or that to have a lot of money is selfish or unspiritual, you will have great difficulty in creating abundance.  These limiting beliefs resonating within your subconscious will distract you from achieving your goals and set obstacles in your way. Build your desire for financial abundance upon a firm moral and spiritual code that truly believes that our success helps many people and our failure helps no one. Program your mind daily with prosperity beliefs and this will get your subconscious mind working for you.

4. Find your passion
You will never be tremendously successful until you can find something to be passionate about. Whether it is a product or service or simply your own talents and abilities, you must be passionate about what you do. We all have strengths and weaknesses, different skills and desires. What it takes to be a successful salesman is not necessarily the same talent that is required to be a scientist. Each calling has different skills that are called for. Find something that really turns you on and follow it where it leads. This is one of the secrets of success. While I was writing Money, Success & You I sent out the manuscript to all my financially successful friends to get their feedback before it was published. I received many suggestions which were ultimately used, but what was of real interest to me was that, as I looked at the list, I noticed that every single one of them made their fortunes in areas that they loved. One was a jewellery wholesaler. Another was in publishing. One was in home renovation and another was a clothing designer. All of them had made their money by doing what they loved to do. It got me thinking; I wondered if it is possible to make a fortune doing something you don’t enjoy. It soon became apparent to me that it’s certainly possible to make a living doing something you don’t love, as unfortunately many people do, but to make a lot of money you need to find your passion.

5. Be creative
Ask any four- or five-year-old if they think they are creative and ninety percent of them will say yes. Ask the same question to anyone over twenty-five and the percent rate drops dramatically, to about seven percent. What happened? What happened is that somewhere along the way we got discouraged and forgot that we are creative individuals who can come up with brilliant ideas and solve any problem. We’re neurologically wired to do this. Let’s get over this idea that only artists and poets are creative. It takes just as much creativity to start a successful business, in many ways more so than to write a book or be an artist in the traditional sense. The same can be said for raising children, or almost any pursuit that involves intense activity. If we want success, we need to draw upon our innate inventiveness and dare to be creative, to do things differently. Creativity is the art of success.

6. Tap into the subconscious mind
The subconscious mind is the hidden engine of success. Through the beliefs we hold within us we are constantly either attracting or repelling success. Not only can we imprint prosperity beliefs into our subconscious, but we should be in the habit of listening to our subconscious and always be open to inspiration when it arrives. A good affirmation is, “My subconscious mind is my partner in success.” Repeat this to yourself many times each day until it becomes imprinted, and then watch as the subconscious brings to your opportunities and inspired ideas. Another good affirmation is, “I am guided to success and I act upon my ideas and inspirations.”

7. Take advantage of the Dharma of action
Action is the science of success. All ideas must be backed by consistent action in order to flourish. Learning how to both set and achieve goals on a regular basis is the key. Always be asking yourself what you can do today and what you can do this week? Set yourself a daily and weekly goal and then do it. It is through applied action that things change. When you master action you will master success, and the most important action of all is the daily application of your Mind Power exercises. Make this your first and most important priority. Daily application of Mind Power practices, combined with inspired daily activities, will attract success and wealth to you. Napoleon Hill, an advisor to many wealthy individuals, once said, “When riches arrive they arrive so quickly and in such abundance that you wonder where it had been for all those lean years.” That certainly is my experience, and it can be yours too when you master the money practices.

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