Once again, we have come up to “that” time of the year, where New Year resolutions and goals are set for the coming year.
Personally, I have never been in favour of setting New Year’s resolutions. I believe in focusing on a vision and once I’ve attained my goal, I begin cultivating the next goal to achieve. Thereby effectively creating continuity with the end goal always in sight…

Needless to say, not everyone falls within this category.  For some, listing their goals at the start of the new year, works perfectly fine.  For others, like myself, not so well!
I recently read a blog written by Chris Brogan, where he uses a different approach to that of New Year Resolutions and setting goals.  Please note that I am not talking about abandoning the whole goal setting but perhaps using another approach and choosing a theme made up of 3 words to focus on your 2018 resolution.

Set Three Words as Goals for 2018
(Some excerpts have been used from Chris Brogan)
Are you curious (adventurous) enough to attempt a new approach to a time-old process?

Then simply go ahead and try the following:

  • Think of how successful you want to be in 2018. (or: Think of how you intend to become successful in 2018)
  • Then try to think in even broader terms. (Next, try to expand your thought parameters)
  • Now extrapolate on these broader terms and find that one particular word to hang the idea on.
  • Instead of thinking, “I want to lose 10kg and once again fit into my high school pants”;
    Try thinking, “Fitness means: I’ll be able to cover more ground.”
  • So, let’s say “ground” is your word.

When you hone in on the word, you’ll see how it can open you up to a multitude of meanings.
“Ground” might remind you to get fit, so you can cover more ground.
It could also mean you are emotionally “grounded,” like when someone feels calm and at ease (or: at peace)

Look for three words that will help you frame your challenges and opportunities for 2018.  Don’t think about where you are at this exact moment in time

If you’re without a job, setting a goal in 2018 to get a job, might not be very useful.  Once you’ve got the job, then what? Rather adjust your goal to “Alignment,” and then ask yourself, “Does this conform to everything else I’ve intended for myself within this year? Does it align with my core values?”

Try setting your three words far out on the horizon, but in such a way that they can lead you to your goals every day. Meaning, can you use the same word to get you started, but have it still relevant when you’re almost at the big goal?
**Cast your three tethered words far out on the horizon and use it every day to lead you true and guide you ever closer to your end goal.
Before reaching the end, look back and affirm that you have stayed the course. Alternatively, implement the necessary course-correction actions in order to align yourself once more.

My 3 Goals for 2018
Here are my three words for 2018:

Abundance, Equip, Align
Taken out of context, those all look terribly wrong. But I know what they mean. I’ll share with you.

Abundance – Tending, nourishing and cultivating my garden (my conscious mind) and weeding the negatives and worries. Seeding my fertile soil that it becomes a botanical garden masterpiece over flowing with abundance of love, friendship, wealth, peace, balance and spreading that abundance to my loved ones and clients.
Overflowing – not with flowers; plants or shrubs – but with a copious amount of love and a myriad other emotions like friendship, wealth, peace and balance. Sharing it in abundance with my loved ones, my close friends, and my clients.

Equip – Unlock the potential of clients, teams and business and impart knowledge to give people the tools and skills to tackle everything from personal to business objectives. My goal here is to equip you to do what you wish with the information I share.

Align –  Align my personal life and business life with my 10 Core Values and Freedom is on top of the list.  My life will always and very accurately and very perfectly reflect the condition of my inner garden (consciousness) and will manifest into my outer world (business, friendships etc…) This Alignment is one of the first things I do with clients and businesses.

Share Your Three Words

If you come up with a set of three words to frame your 2018 goals around, please feel free to share them. I bet your ideas will inspire others.

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