Why is Naming Your Values Important? I can’t stress this enough.  Values are the backbone of life. They are the beacons on our path—in personal life and in business. When you identify your values and get clear with them, they come alive. Values are crucially important because they drive you from the moment you get out of bed in the morning to the moment you fall back to sleep in the evening.  They should, if you are to make good ones, underpin all your major decisions and a lot of your minor ones. I have spoken about Core Value’s before What Are Core Values. “When we look at a situation and decide whether it is right or wrong, good or bad, we do so through the filter of the beliefs and values we already hold.  There is no right or wrong values, just values that are right or wrong for the individual.” If we don’t know what’s important to us, we spend a lot of time wandering and wondering what we should be doing. When actions and values are aligned, you become content with your world, get over fears, ‎overcome roadblocks and accomplish goals, living your purpose even in challenging times. If you are not clear on your personal values, then how can you figure out what you really want. How can you be sure that your actions are congruent with who you are at your core? “When you see the core values of an individual, you are effectively viewing his or her identity and you are almost getting a window into his or her soul.” I know it seems easier to just go with the flow and see where the current takes us. But going through the process to get clear about your values will allow you to walk the path of your true choosing and help guide you toward a satisfying, happy, and fulfilling life. Time is a limited resource.  I learnt this when I went through a awakening experience 6 years ago as told on “My Story” page.  Once we spend a day, it’s gone forever. If we waste that day by investing our time in ways that don’t set our soul on fire, then that loss is permanent. I get it,  I often get distracted and fall into the trap of differing priorities. Passion is a driving force in every area of my world. If I am not passionate about my life, my projects, and each and every client I work with, then I am of no service to others or myself and am not fully happy and balanced.  I get that empty feeling and am not content with my world.  Peace, Integrity, trust, Freedom, fun and humour is some of my other driving forces. Not knowing what your own values are can be problematic, leading to a certain uneasiness, procrastination, unhappiness and even anxiety.  Your values are the building blocks of the type of life you truly want, they are so crucial in developing successful self-development.