Is Fear Holding You Back?

If you’re scared of doing something that you really want to do, the first thing to do is to isolate the fear.

Ask yourself, ‘If I wasn’t fearful of moving along this path, would I do it?’

So now ask yourself, ‘What am I afraid of?’

Write down the answer and follow up with, ‘What else am I worried about?’

And keep asking that question until you cannot think of anything else.

Now comes the bit where you have to be brutally honest with yourself and break down each fear individually.

Some questions you can ask yourself is:

  • Is there a serious risk to my health or the health of others by me pursuing this goal?
  • Is there a strong possibility I will go bankrupt and lose my house?
  • Could pursuing my dreams potentially cause damage to important relationships?

All of those are genuine concerns that shouldn’t be ignored, but there really aren’t that many questions that carry that kind of weight.

Having to scale back your spending or even downsize your house is another lame excuse because there is no real danger.

If you’re not prepared to make sacrifices, then you don’t deserve the rewards that come to those who do.

There was fear for her about how tough all this would be, but she did it anyway.

Pretty much everybody gets scared on occasions. Being brave isn’t the absence of fear, it’s the recognition of that fear and the refusal to allow it to stop us doing what we want to do.

If you make all your decisions from the position of fear you are, for the most part, going to make poor decisions because fear will keep you locked inside your comfort zone.

Would love to hear your input and how you have dealt with your fear.