“A step in the right direction is equivalent to a journey of a lifetime…”
This is what my experience with Karin has been and continues to be. Not only has she taught me the importance of self-realisation, mentally breaking free from the constraints of my strict social upbringing without actually breaking any cardinal rules; but she also taught me the importance of finding balance & grounding myself.

My journey is still far from over and thus far Karin as my transformation coach has been my guiding light every step of the way!
Karin, you are an amazing person, you alter the outlook and enrich the lives of those you touch.
I am truly blessed to have you in my life!

Widaat Salie

Karin Lawrenz guided and helped me through a most traumatic and difficult time in my life. She was able to pinpoint and identify my predicament without prejudice and total empathy.

She has continued professionally to Shepard me and equip me with life changing tools in order for me to reach my ultimate lifetime goal. She is amazing!!

Bruno Mercorio

At the time when I met Karin, I felt like I was stuck between a rock and hard place.  This was an awkward position to be in.  I felt unable to move forward in my life and kept on bumping against the rough edges of the situation.  Frustrated and trapped.  This left me feeling odd, unhappy and unable to see where I needed to go next.  At times I doubted my skills and abilities.  Yet, I knew that I am an incredibly gifted and able person with a great vision for my life.  The journey with Karin was liberating and transformational.  She is an insightful, inspiring coach with tremendous vision

My turning point came with the realisation of what my core values are and what it meant to me.   I was living in the anti-core for many years.  I am now able to live in an authentic and real way, totally true to myself.  I am able to   control my thought processes and feel confident to face any situation.     My future journey is mapped out.  I am walking the path to realise my full potential.  This I am doing without fear and hesitation.  Karin led me to rediscover my inner sense of worth, pride and dignity.    I have been fully transformed and am living my best life now.  I am re energised and revitalised to create my own present and future.

Thank you, Karin Kelly Lawrenz, I am transformed and found myself again.

Valerie Jonathan

From humble beginnings on a farm where I lived with my farming parents brothers and sisters I took a big leap into the world at sixteen into City life. Having attended an Afrikaans farm school in the country my life was never destined to become a successful businessman.

But alas, due to the experiences of living on a farm far from assistance I had learnt the skill of getting it done. This stood me in good stead when I needed to go out and work and earn a salary.

Being more of an independent person I soon realized that I could not work for a boss and had to change the way I go about life. Over the years I moved from job to job, constantly learning from the university of life. All these lessons were stored in my memory for the future as I then already knew I would have to become an entrepreneur.

After numerous attempts at various businesses I eventually became successful. So now I had a good product and business and very little business experience. This is where Karin and I met. Over a period of 2 years she steered and guided me with constant coaching. Not how to run it, but rather on keeping a big national company, flowing smoothly and putting the necessary structures in place with happy and contended staff who would go the extra mile.

This was all achieved due to the hard work and passion Karin put into my business, how she coached me how to handle not only customers, but staff as well. Where everybody has a purpose and was rewarded accordingly.

I eventually sold the business, went into early retirement and still have a business or two that I own and run under the same skills as coached to me by Karin Kelly Lawrenz. She changed my way of thinking and this gave me confidence to succeed. For this I will always be grateful to Karin.

Roy McGregor

Business Owner

Nothing like a direct question to get an honest answer when Karin asked why I felt I needed coaching.  My simple truth was that I was stuck everywhere in my life and upset most of all because I couldn’t touch my toes anymore! Her constant probing on my core values and defining them was the most arduous task I had to undertake.  I was not used to being the one under the microscope being analysed and for the first time in my business life the process mapping was being done on me.

I was like who is this “AI” who wants me decode every part of my debris life and requests ‘precision of language’ in my answers!!  As Karin Lawrenz from EFT Management continued her karate chops at me in each session, finally one day it all made sense.  I had lost direction in my life and I was in great emotional pain.

With that realisation I had to make a choice between living my purpose or continue to live as a ghost in a shell.  Karin Lawrenz helped me to rediscover my own forgotten purpose and map it out. To know the value at each turn and also to rediscover kindness for oneself.

That being said on some days I can touch my toes with effortless effort but on others not   – but it’s okay because am not perfect but each day great things are happening to me.

Zandile Mtetwa

Owner, The Admin Partner

Being bored with your job and life but not knowing what it is you really want/should be doing is a completely confusing place to be in, to say the least.  It was at this point in my life when I was introduced to Karin and subsequently coached by her.  Karin helped me align my passions with my career which took me from being an HR Officer to the Head of the Marketing Department.  She equipped me with tools and methods which allowed me to push myself beyond my blinkers of what I thought I could and couldn’t do.  I have since started my own business and pushed myself into different areas of my “uncomfortable” zone.  Karin, you have helped me discover what it is I really want and how to plot my path and most importantly how to do it with confidence and vigour!!!
Charla Grantham

Director, CLG Services (Pty) Ltd

Karin and I have been working together for 3 months and I have found her to be of really practical help in a multitude of areas. Chiefly, she has helped instill in me a renewed confidence to out there and make it happen, which is truly priceless. I feel like I have become my younger, more vibrant self again. I am not letting things get on top of me anymore and I don’t feel overwhelmed by circumstances. Basically, I feel like I am back in the drivers seat- not only with work, but in all areas of my life. Thank you Karin!
Tessa Plen

Marketing Strategist, Founder Total Potential, Total Potential