What is change to you?


All transformation is Change, but not all Change is Transformation.

Transformation Provides Life-Changing and Life-Enhancing RESULTS!

As an international transformational coach, my coaching goes much deeper and has a much greater life-enhancing impact than traditional coaching. My unique approach does more than simply assist you to make changes in the way you look, think, feel and act. As I assist you, I guide you to intentionally create a course of action that assists you to learn, change, grow, manage your emotions better and improve your communication skills. It supports you to be calm, relaxed, focused, effective, efficient and successful in all areas of your life. This opens the pathway for you to become a better, more successful person, leader, friend and partner. My approach is more than simply about you learning, growing and changing. It is about assisting you in taking a quantum leap forward in transforming your life on all levels – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

– Do you feel overwhelmed?
– Do you want to better your life?
“I need to make some changes in my life!”
– Are you in pain?
– Are you stuck in certain areas of your life?
“I’m feeling stuck in my job”
“I’m feels like I am stuck & I cannot put my finger on it”

– Do you want to move forward within yourself or gain clarity?
“I don’t know what I want, but I just know something’s got to change”

The process takes courage and commitment to explore your conscious and unconscious thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and programming. The rewards for having this courage – and for allowing yourself to be supported in this process – is life-changing, as well as life-enhancing.

As we explore your conscious and unconscious thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, patterns and programs, you get the opportunity to review, discard and/or upgrade the thoughts, feelings and emotions that have limited you, held you captive and sabotaged you. This transformational change happens naturally at the core level of your being, automatically upgrading your internal operating system. This creates greater momentum for additional significant positive shifts in your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, choices, emotions and RESULTS. It also aligns and opens the pathway to your soul essence.

– Are you going through a transition in life or business?
“I am returning to the workforce after a break and I’m lacking in confidence”
“I’m facing into retirement and I’m very apprehensive about it”
“I want to move on after my divorce”
“I’ve just been made redundant”

– Do you need support?
– Are you letting fear hold you back and fear in hurting other people’s feelings?

In simple terms, transformation coaching is focused on your self-actualization, which still includes all the benefits of traditional coaching. However, it adds the benefits of diving deep into your psyche – your operating system – and focusing on who you really are and desire to become.

– Do you think you are not good enough/low self-image/self-esteem?
“To other people, I look successful, but I feel like a fraud!”
– Do you want to be more decisive?
“My work-life balance is out of whack!”
“I have a goal, and I need to figure out how to get there”

Are you ready to embrace your full potential or needing assistance?
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