I’m Karin Kelly

International Transformation Coach & Author

Assisting Women Aged 33+ In Australia To Unlock Their Full Potential

To shift, change and grow transforming the essence of self—discard/upgrade past programming that have limited you and held you back.

Is fear holding you back? Is suppressed emotions holding you back?
Are you feeling stuck in your thoughts? Are you wanting to develop your self-worth? Are you wanting to break the root of self-sabotage?

Then you are in the right place!

As you align and focus on your self-actualization you discard what has held you captive and sabotaged you—with positive shifts in your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, choices, emotions and RESULTS.

Outcomes Working with Karin

• Achieve your goals
• Discover and clarify your purpose
• Move forward and not feel stuck in your thoughts
• Moving beyond the feeling of being overwhelmed
• Becoming a better leader—individual
• Reaching your full potential without fear holding you back
• Find joy and gratitude
• Love your work & self
• Finding the essence of self


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Do you want to become a better individual or leader?

Then Say Hello to The New You!

– Valerie Jonathan
The journey with Karin Kelly was liberating and transformational. She is an insightful, inspiring coach with tremendous vision. Karin led me to rediscover my inner sense of worth, pride and dignity.

– Mario Johns
Hi, I’m fortunately one of the people who managed to get to meet Karin Kelly and would recommend that you look her up and book a session with her. Your life will surely be elevated to where you were destined to be. Don’t delay your own destiny claim what is yours.

4 Different Scenario Coaching Sessions & Outcomes with Karin

Story 1 : Vivian

Vivian is happy however has a niggle inside of her knowing there is more on a deeper level and decides she needs clarity and a shift in her life. In one session we unpacked her operating system at core level exposing what that niggle was, being that she was living the opposite in some of her core values at work which was affecting her health and on a personal level. There was discarding/upgrading of her past programming that had to shift in her. With that in place a change started to occur during her 8 session coaching program. Vivian had changed her self-perception and self-expression with raised awareness regarding her working environment and herself.

Result in Vivian working with me:
Putting herself at the top of the list and nurtured, honoured herself, everyone in the household and at work is benefitting from her change which has now become organic meaning—Transformation has occurred. She is now in alignment with her essence of self.

Story 2 : Cathy

Cathy and John have been struggling in their marriage for years. Leaving was never an option given their traditional mindset and conservative family values. After 30 years, Cathy decided to move on. She consults a transformation coach to help her come to terms with her altered reality.

Result in Cathy working with me:
Created healthier relationships and a relationship with herself. She “found” herself again—which was covered in a little dust. She changed at a core level and her purpose, personal and spiritual development and self-esteem sored.
She stopped the crazy mind chatter in her head that told her that she was not good enough.

Story 3 : William

As a CEO of a company, William knows he has to give up limiting beliefs and habits to be more successful in work and his personal life. In this case, change is critical for the success of his company and his career. But to bring such changes to his behaviour is not an easy task for William. He has to get over three decades of imprinting and conditioning and perhaps a block which is at core level that is holding him back. He has consulted a life coach earlier which helped him greatly. But William feels that a transformation coach is the need of the hour now. This is also classified as Individual Executive Coaching with me.

Result with William working with me:

He started changing his limiting beliefs, got in alignment with his core values. He also took a quantum leap forward mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. This all resulted in—the change within him and his companies success and career.

Story 4 : Richard

Roy who is the CEO of a water waste company with 3 branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban questions where his company is going in the next 3 years. Is there growth potential and what are the risks. I did a Strategy session workshop with him and his team and landed up re-engineering his company. The coaching process of shifting each individual and working from top management down, doing exactly what I’d do in transformation coaching with the 2 directors and staff. (note: Strategy sessions are now outsourced)

Results with Richard working with me:

1 Developed a more effective leadership style
2 Improved interpersonal and communication skills
3 Deal with conflict
4 Recognise and implement effective staff development
5 Strengthened self-confidence, assertiveness and well-being
6 Implemented a holistic approach to accountability which was a huge success including getting rid of dead wood
7 Facilitated workshops in self-growth & EQ (emotional intelligence) which I call S-P-I-S-E—with teams and individuals which spilled over in the success of team alignment

My Story

Prior to dedicating myself to becoming a Transformation Coach, I spent 15+ years in the Financial Sector building my successful corporate business.

I worked long hours, under stressful deadlines. In short, I was always stressed out, unfulfilled, dissatisfied and lost track of other, more satisfying aspects of my life.

19 years ago, I closed my financial corporation to pursue my vision and authentic self.

From the get-go, I loved coaching, speaking, mentoring and helping clients to achieve their goals and dreams. I truly do understand when clients say they’re looking for a change, seeking their purpose—or when executives need to improve, so they can become more successful both in their careers and their personal life.

I wake up, loving who I am, where I’m at and most importantly, where I’m going.

During my journey, while healing from a brain tumour; a miracle that afforded me a second chance at life, made me realise that I am deeply blessed and cemented in my purpose to people—and that is to assist people to embrace their full potential.  Be YOU …

What Even More People, Just Like You Are Saying?

“A step in the right direction is equivalent to a journey of a lifetime…” Karin Kelly, you are an amazing person, you alter the outlook and enrich the lives of those you touch. - Widaat Salie

The journey with Karin Kelly was liberating and transformational. She is an insightful, inspiring coach with tremendous vision. Karin led me to rediscover my inner sense of worth, pride and dignity.  - Valerie Jonathan

I’m fortunately one of the people who managed to get to meet Karin Kelly and would recommend that you look her up and book a session with her.
Your life will surely be elevated to where you were destined to be. Don’t delay your own destiny claim what is yours.
- Mario Johns

Karin guided and helped me through a most traumatic and difficult time in my life. She was able to pinpoint and identify my predicament without prejudice and total sympathy.
She has continued professionally to Shepard me an equip me with life changing tools in order for me to reach my ultimate lifetime goal. She is amazing!! - Bruno Mercorio

Karin Kelly Lawrenz helped me to rediscover my own forgotten purpose and map it out. To know the value at each turn and also to rediscover kindness for oneself. - Zandile Mtetwa

With the professional guidance of Karin Kelly, I found the self-confidence to make decisions that were weighing me down for so long. I felt so empowered and truly inspired after every session! Thanks, Karin!
Zetske De Beer

Karin had me focused in no time at all. Her experience in real-world business management combined with intuitive skills was privately packaged as a kind of technology of the imagination to catapult me forwards. If you want more from every sphere of life esp. executive ambitions ask her for an introductory session. It’ll be worth it! - Steven

Karin Kelly is a coach that shoots from the hip and found her rather intuitive.  She guided me back to my purpose in one of the worst times in my life, where I was totally lost. Digging into my operating system—unpacked and found what was holding me back, which was a shock, yet a weight was lifted. My self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence started to grow—Never wavering in her support, she is a ray of light that gets results!  - Ntomoxolo Dlali

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